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Long ago in another world the mage, and once apprentice, VelvetAngelLuve was in the midst of being taught how to do a ritual. She walked to the green grasses and was told to peel the earth away magically. No reason was given and a hole was opened upon the practice area where warriors and knights watched with amazement.  Inside this hole she was to place the beating heart of a devil lord. The skies rippled from gray to black and fires of thunder were seen. Her teacher, Lord Necropriest, and she buried the heart still beating. Years went by long forgotten to some, and scorned from others that this practice area was burnt from such a hideous act.

    Her one desire since she vows never to love again was to create a child from this heart. Many years past and the plan was studied, for three years. She had the ‘Order of Baaton’ retrieve the necessary parts and blood from demon’s all over different lands. There was an herb studied among her other necromancing skills, which found it could revitalize and bring the essence of a dead body and soul together again. All items finally collected she visits her father, the fair minded Lord Eiss of the Volkatie Mountains, the creator of magic and enchanted Ice weapons. So glad to see her even though she has locked away her twin he so loved inside her, he asked her when she would have a child...a grandson. So it came to be both wishes soon came to be fulfilled.

    There was blood stored and preserved without the touch of death tainting it from the magical herb, as well as parts of powerful demons collected from many worlds. All was preserved until she obtained the items her teacher Lord Necropriest required to become the grand arch magi of the lands. She had went back to the green practice area and retrieved the once buried heart she remembered used for his ritual, and it was returned to her in payment of her work.

    Then the day comes of the ‘Order of Baaton’ capturing a large portion of the Lokian Caverns under her command, as they do this she performs the ritual looking down at the dead and defeated. A huge burst of purple mist flowed down to all but her allies, almost choking the life out of them. Through the purple mist she is seen hovering over a tiny gold coffin, and placing the parts in one by one. Once all parts adhered, the chest cavity still opened the blood was transfused as the heart was placed within.

    The creation becomes real and there is a heartbeat louder than thunder, literally shaking the earth’s soil. All standing tried to hold fast from the quaking earth, and as they did so life was created, the Devil Lord Novalis Eiss. A ploy to get a carriage made for her, she hinted of marrying a member of the ‘Order of Baaton to get it. A powerful mage in the Baaton, provided her with a carved Obsidian stone carriage, which she swiftly enchanted to ward off harm in transporting the child Novalis Eiss to a hidden tower to grow and learn


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