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Novalis Eiss' NPC Statistics:

Primary Details Physical Details Attributes Natural Bases
Profession: Fighter-Cleric-Illusionist Race: Devil Strength: 22 Hit Points: 348
Level: 54-66-66 Sex: Male Constitution: 20 To Hit: 90%
Base Level: 62 Age: Appears Mid-Teens Dexterity: 18 Evade: 90%
XP: N/A Height: 5'10" Wisdom: 24 Prayers/Quest: 68
Ethics: Dark Weight: 220 lbs. Intelligence: 21 Soak: 30% Natural Skin
Deity: Gamori Hair/Eye Color: Blood Red Eyes, Raven Black Hair Charisma: 18 Magical Resistance: 10% All Magic, 10% Fire, 70% Darkness/Unholy


Skills and Abilities:

Ambidextrous Wielding - Dual Attack/Weaponry Added Attack Swordsmanship Blunt Weaponry
Weapons Mastery Physical Combat Enhanced Prayers Fury Chanting
Survival Intuition and Precognition Mysticality Reading and Writing
History/Ancient History Alchemy/Advanced Alchemy Herbalism Sleight of Hand - Mastered
Anatomy Netherworld Knowledge Spirit Lore Ancient Languages



Ambidextrous Wielding Combining the skills of dual attack and dual weaponry, Novalis may attack 4 times per round when holding two weapons; twice with each one.
Added Attack Novalis may attack one extra time with any melee attack, granted he is using only one weapon (Gives 3/Round).
Fury Chanting Novalis may use two prayers at once, but the second is granted at only half power.
Fire Channeling Due to his skin being slightly based upon the element of fire, and heat/fire based prayers that he casts automatically gain the channeling benefit of +1d5+1.



Ethical/Racial Hinderances Being a Devil Lord of dark ethics, Novalis suffers a X2 ethical hinderance from holy/light based attacks and 1d10 due to race.
Wet and/or Cold Surroundings Since his kin usually spend their lives within the burning fires of the Netherworld, Novalis suffers a -1/2 to his natural resistances within wet and/or cold surroundings.
Water and/or Cold Attacks Novalis also suffers an additional 1d5 of unsoakable damage from water and/or cold attacks.


Weapons and Armor:

Netherworld Blade 1d10+10+1d5 Acid (-1 dmg per round until 0) +8% to hit, +10% to hit when making called shots, Negates Soak, X2 dmg to Light Ethic Foes. Made of a darker hybrid of Adamantium and Mythril, along with jagged serrated edges. 
Netherworld Sword Breaker Dagger 1d7+10+1d3 Acid (-1 dmg per round until 0) +8% to hit, Negates Soak, X2 dmg Vs Light Ethic Foes, -20% "Called Evades" to chance at disarming a foe's sword or dagger.
Rod of Necromancy A gift from his "mother" VelvetAngelLuve, this rod has a simple 1 and a half foot metallic base, with a circle up top holding multiple Black Emeralds. The color of the rod and holding circle itself is also black, made of the same dark hybrid of Adamantium and Mythril that his other weapons are forged with. At the forfeiture of a round, this rod may be coverted into a 7 ft staff. In any form, this rod/staff weapon may be used to convert corpses into undead minions under his control at 1/2 the alive level + 1/3 the level of its raiser. The rod itself is a weapon of 1d4+8+3d3 Unholy +8% to hit, X2 Vs Light ethic foes. As a staff, it retains the same attributes, but changes from 1d4 to 1d6 base. In any form, the rod/staff may shoot a dark aura beam of 3d3, useful versus creatures out of melee range.
Horns Though rather small at a couple of inches in size, any attack where his head is the weapon, results in 2d3 dmg.
Tail The tail of this devil lord may be used as a whip like weapon with a small point at the end, dealing 1d4+1 dmg.
Netherworld Robes On the outside these robes of rich velvet appear quite normal, the cloth turning to thin strips at the bottom to allow for movement. However, the inside is coated with a thick layer of black that seems to be alive; constantly moving in ripples of living shadow. The garments provide Novalis with an additional 35% Physical Soak and 25% Magic Soak. Attackers of a light or neutral ethic are physically harmed for 1d10 damage when striking Novalis in melee combat, thanks to an involuntary defense mechanism in the robes which launches a tendril of spike-like shadow (X2 to Light Ethics). 



Heart of the Netherworld An amulet that hangs from the Devil's neck, next to his black heart under his usual robes. This amulet offers Novalis a 10% Magical Resistance, along with 100% immunity vs negative status effects such as but not limited to poisons, acids, possesions, shapechanges, etc. 
Black Emerald Ring A ring of dark emerald from the one of the hellish burning pits of the Netherworld, worn to heal black souls in battle. +2 hp healing/round. 
Wealth 500 Gold on person, Infinite total wealth.
Miscellaneous Vial of Rachel-Nitengale's Blood


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